Mining Coalition.

In less than one month from now the way moons are mined will dramatically change and will no longer be the passive affair it currently is. This change has been met with much trepidation, especially in regions where mining simply doesn't happen. LowSec space is poised to be harmed most by the change because people simply do not mine in LowSec. LowSec is too active (relative to SovNull), there is no cyno jamming, and the rocks are barely more profitable than HighSec rocks. Many LowSec alliances, most of which are only PVP-oriented, are completely abandoning the idea of bothering with moon ownership come the Lifeblood patch.

But this doesn't have to be the case.

Mining Coalition. will serve as the bridge between LowSec Moon Owners that only want to PVP and industrialists that desire direct sources of moon materials but do not have the capability to own and defend moons.

How Will It Work?

Mining Coalition. (MC.) will serve as a brokerage between LowSec Moon Owners and Mining Corporations that want to mine moons. LowSec Moon Owners will auction or offer a prepared moon asteroid field for a certain amount of ISK. Mining Corporations will bid or pledge the required ISK for rights to mine that moon asteroid field. MC. will act as a third party to hold the ISK until the mining has been completed. The Mining Corporation shall have docking access, at a minimum, to the refinery. A broker fee will be assessed against the transaction of no more than 5%.

In addition to being a third party intermediary for the ISK transfer, MC. will also:

  • Verify the composition of the moon as part of the transaction.
  • Verify the timing of when the moon field will be ready as well as the expected size of that field.
  • Accept the Mining Corporation into the Alliance and establish blue standings with the LowSec Moon Owner. This is optional to the Mining Corp but will assist in other ways (see below).
  • Verify access to the refinery for the Mining Corporation (if not in MC.).

It will be expected that the LowSec Moon Owner not aggress on the miners the moon field is being leased to but will reasonably be expected to shoot anyone else trying to steal the ore (in this case, it's free content). Defense stipulations can be agreed upon in the leasing process. Note that Rorqual mining (based on current testing) will not be ideal for moon mining anyway so mining corporations aren't expected to use valuable assets.

What's In It for LowSec Moon Owners?

A chance at retaining this passive income source. Sure, the income won't be the same as it was before, but with the costs of owning a moon sharply decreasing (compare a large POS fuel usage with an active moon drill), there is decent earning potential.

What's In It for Miners?

A source of high ISK/hr asteroid fields accounting for the lease fee with some degree of safety. Given the size of the moon rocks it is looking very much like gas huffing in the sense of high burst ISK/hr. That said, there is always the question of who will defend the miners. This problem exists in rental space. The difference between my proposal and rental space is:

  1. It will likely be cheaper to lease moons.
  2. Logistics will be easier as standings are not necessary to move around LowSec.
  3. The risk of interruption, especially in the ass-end of space LowSec systems, will be low.
  4. If someone cloaky camps your rental system you're pretty much fucked until they leave. You can just rent a different moon field or request a defense stipulation.
  5. You shouldn't need Rorquals to make big ISK off the moon rocks. Moon rocks will be relatively small (based on current testing), spaced out far (moving at first!), and barge usage (maybe even frigate usage) will be feasible and profitable.

Why Should We Trust You?

This is a fair question and in the near term my intent would be to collateralize the service using a trusted third party such as Chribba.

Long Term Vision

If enough LowSec Alliances sign on and agree to blue standings with MC., there will ultimately be less risk to the Mining Corps within MC. Yes, this is artificially creating a blue donut for miners in LowSec but this is necessary for LowSec mining to be viable long term. Especially if LowSec Alliances want to retain this form of passive income (and not be forced to mine or leave to SovNull).

The concept can be expanded to NPC Null as well as Sov Null, although the standings and logistics become much trickier. But right now, the focus is LowSec because LowSec IS awesome and it needs all the love it can get right now.

Disclaimer: Mining Coalition. is not affiliated with Mercenary Coalition despite the similarity in name and logo. MC. was started as a meme alt alliance whilst I was in MC (but since it's my alliance I took it when I left). I think the name is rather appropriate though for what this alliance will be.