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New Changes - 12/3/2018: This site now has a Discord Server. Please go to the Status page for the invite link. Questions about the site, bug reports, and suggestions are welcome. The LiveScan tool has also been added. Currently the functionality is fairly basic; however, data from ZKill is also imported to provide threat assessment of characters in local (e.g., if they are capital pilots). Further updates to this tool including a return of the old Automated Scouting Tool (where reports are fed in realtime to a viewer) is planned. To report intel via the LiveScan tool, you must be logged in. Anyone can view the results if you provide them the link to your scan.

The following tools are currently available:

MOONpraisal: A valuation tool for moon scans. You can paste results from the moon scan window in game to this tool and it will provide you valuations based on current Jita prices.

Notifications: The Notifications tool pushes in-game alerts to your Slack and Discord communities. It works through configured WebHooks and runs every 10 minutes. In theory, the tool should detect things such as Citadel attacks before the Citadel can be fully reinforced.

ORE Table: The Ore Table provides an overall valuation of ores for comparison purposes. Some advanced filtering is to be added. This tool is meant to provide superior functionality to what is currently available via Cerlestes.de.

OREPraisal: This tool is used to perform an appraisal of ore similar to how EvePraisal works. The prices are derived from Jita 4-4 and are updated every 15 minutes. The tool will also provide a valuation of the refined ore based on a specified refine rate. There is currently no functionality to share an OrePraisal result - this is to be implemented.

Skill Management: Intended to be both an EveMon replacement and friend to multiboxers, this tool provides functionality to monitor your Character's Skills and Skill Queues in aggregate. A separate tool is used for Skill Planning and works with this tool.

Skill Planning: This tool lets you create and manage skill plans. You can simulate your plans against any character you have logged in to or create plans based on template characters.

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